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Using Telephone Surveys to Drive Higher & Better Quality Responses to Customer Service Surveys
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4 Requirements for Linking CX to ROI
Eighty-one percent of consumers are willing to pay for a better experience, according to the Capgemini’s study “The Disconnected Customer.” Yet, customers don’t feel that companies are delivering high quality customer experience (CX), and one... Read More

Weaving CEM Into the Fabric of an Organization
The overall objective of any customer experience management (CEM) strategy is to evolve your organization’s DNA to the point where it is entirely customer driven. That’s not going to happen without a robust change management program. CEMDNA Ch... Read More

Tying Employee Performance to Customer Satisfaction
When looking at how companies measure employee performance, one thing is clear: There’s wide variation across industries in terms of how well businesses are incorporating customer satisfaction into the mix. Generally, companies do a poor job of lin... Read More

Treating Employees as an Asset
Do you consider the quality and performance of your employees as a major business asset? You should. Indeed, many firms list "our people" as their biggest competitive differentiator. It's also true that payroll, benefits, and other direct costs li... Read More

What?! Another Poor Customer Experience?
How often do you encounter this situation? You’re working with a reputable and reliable company and the event quickly turns into a fiasco. It moves so far from delivering customer success that you ask yourself if this could be the same company. ... Read More

Corrective Action Planning in Customer Experience Management
Corrective Action Planning in Customer Experience Management A natural result of benchmarking your current state customer experience against your CX goals is change. Of course, you’ll need to make changes to your customer experience management s... Read More

Paving the Way for Omnichannel Customer Service
Customers will contact you for service based on how it best suits them, so you need to be ready to respond in their preferred channel—or set of channels. And, you need to be ready to respond with consistency across all your service channels. Thi... Read More