Exceeding Customer Expectations — One Experience at a Time℠
About CRMI

The Customer Relationship Management Institute LLC (CRMI) fosters superior expertise in customer experience management (CEM) through our proprietary CXDNA Playbook Strategy methodology. We provide the knowledge and services to create a customer-centric culture that makes CX the most critical component of a company’s DNA. Our services will engage your employees by raising the awareness of, commitment to, and competence in, continuously delivering superior customer experiences.

CRMI, develops and delivers online and in-person certified education programs CEMPRO℠ , employee recognition/rewards programs, CX consulting, customer/employee surveys and CSAT awards. Our services focus on best practices in CEM, including Journey Mapping, Customer Bill of Rights, Employee Engagement, Business Intelligence, Benchmarking, CX Technologies, CX Analytics, Corrective Action, Change Management, Stakeholders Communications and Return on Investment analysis. From training curriculum to webcasts to live events, we teach the fundamentals of fully integrating CEM into an organization’s DNA, ensuring that every customer touch point exceeds customers’ expectations. Additionally, our methodologies link CEM to ROI, so business leaders can clearly see the positive financial impact of their customer- and employee-centric business practices.

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Meet the CRMI Executive Team

John Alexander Maraganis, CEO and Founder

John has nurtured CRMI (1998) as an organization focused on “CXDNA Playbook Strategy” and “all things CX”. CRMI services includes CX Consulting — CX Surveys — CX Training — CX Awards — CX Events. Using a proprietary CXDNA Playbook strategy, CRMI has helped companies maximize sales and revenues by enabling their service — sales — marketing — human resource groups to continuously exceed customer expectations, thus building highly profitable long-term customer relationships. John has steadily broadened the company's service offerings and industry expertise through the execution of a focused CX strategy that consistently is the cornerstone of every program. CRMI has pioneered the strategy that CX must be the most critical component of a company’s DNA.

Prior to founding CRMI, John was a principal and executive vice president of software development and customer service for the DATA Group, whose "fieldwatch" software was the first off-the-shelf CRM software product (1980) for the service industry. DATA Group became the number one CRM software supplier in its industry and was successfully sold to NYNEX Corporation in 1985. John is a graduate of Southern New Hampshire University and been a speaker/producer at various CX events.

William J. Moore, Vice President, Employee Engagement, CRMI

Bill has 25+ years as an executive service management professional for several major technology firms where he was responsible for implementing CX strategies that drive service revenues. He was an early pioneer that continues superior customer service builds strong customer loyalty that can be measured in customer lifetime (CLT) value.

Bill’s CRMI responsibilities include designing and delivering CX best practices workshops, CEMPRO certified employee training and employee recognition/reward programs that result in the increasing customer satisfaction, employee retention, and increase profitability for CRMI clients. In addition to CX workshops, Bill has delivered numerous CEMPRO on-site soft-skills training programs for frontline managers and other supporting personnel at companies including Instron, Karl Storz, ABB Automation, Hologic, Thoratec, AccuSoft, Brenntag, Zildjiian and others.

Bill works with senior management to develop and implement our CX DNA Playbook Strategy which results in increasing employees CX awareness, CX competence, CX training, CX Recognition/Rewards to drive CX as the most critical component of a company’s DNA. He will ensure that CX Strategy is annually measured in revenue from new account acquisitions — retention — growth and winning back lost customers.