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CXDNA EXchange

Customer Relationship Management Institute LLC (CRMI) announces the CXDNA Exchange (CXDNAX) which certifies and registers member’s CX Customer Product / Services Survey Results, Employee Certification Training Results and members receive the CX LAB certification seal upon meeting all CXDNAX standards.

Certify and register your CX Strategy and CX Customer Survey Results and Employee Certified Training Results with CRMI an independent 3rd party — Chelmsford, Massachusetts (April 30, 2019). CRMI is a global provider of customer experience (CX) services including CX Consulting — CX Training — CX Employee Recognition — CX Awards, today announced the upgrade and expansion to their NorthFace ScoreBoard (NFSB) Audit program. The CXDNAX will now allow member companies to submit their CX results including their customer survey product / service results and employee certified training results for their CX LAB certification and registration on a calendar year basis.

CRMI will audit the exchange members CX survey results, obtain applicable management written verification of CX survey results and register the results along with other CX information creating a unique member CXDNA Profile. CXDNAX member services will also include discounts for CRMI’s awards, discounts for CX Conferences, CX Research View from the Top, Annual NFSB Benchmarking data, CX employee training and annual CXDNA Playbook Strategy Snapshot Review.

“The CX community has sought an independent certification of a company’s CX Strategy results for many years. Our NorthFace ScoreBoard Audit (NFSB) program (2000) provided the foundation for the CXDNAX. Key individuals (decision makers — recommenders — influencers) seeking to make critical major purchase decisions, may include in their vendor due diligence not only traditional financial reviews, but, now an independent certified customer satisfaction rating for products / services and CXDNA profile of information. Prior to CXDNAX, buyers (especially B-B) were left with relying on the vendor to provide CSAT data for their critical purchasing decisions”, said John Alexander Maraganis, CEO/President of Customer Relationship Management Institute LLC.

CXDNAX is modeled after any stock exchange around the world, except its currency exchange is CSAT product / service data. Members will receive a unique CXDNAX Tickor symbol that will allow access to the members CXDNA Profile Information that maybe used by member’s for customers — prospects — partners — investors — employees and the marketplace at large.

The CXDNAX will be the hub responsible for monitoring and registering member CXDNA standards including, customer product surveys / service surveys, CX social media data analysis, CX customer testimonials, CX Account Management Profiling, CX Business Intelligence, CX Employee Engagement/Training, CX Change Management, CX Corrective Action, CX Competitive Benchmarking, CX Technologies, CX Analytics, CX Communication to stake holders, CX Win Back Strategy and CX ROI Analysis. The CXDNA Exchange will provide an annual review addressing non-compliance with the above CXDNAX standards with their members and by performing these duties, supports the efforts to promote just and equitable CXDNA principles (promote the establishment of Customer Bill of Rights) to all exchange member’s customers. The CXDNAX will invite other CX entities (associations — CX Conference producers — magazines — podcasts — bloggers — CRM Vendors — CX Vendors — CX Consultants — etc.) to contribute content to promoting just and equitable CXDNA principles. The CXDNAX principles will be govern by the four (4) key customer’s life cycles: Acquisition — Retention — Growth — Winback.

About CRMI:

It is the age of “CX” and delivering a consistently superior customer experience is the most critical component of a company’s DNA (CXDNA) has become table stakes. CRMI has championed that concept since its founding in 1995, and now — that CX has become a strategic imperative for more and more companies — is taking its mission to a new level...the CXDNA Exchange.

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