Exceeding Customer Expectations — One Experience at a Time℠

Customer Bill of Rights:

NorthFace ScoreBoard Award | Customer Bill of Rights | Established - 1998

Adopt a Customer Bill of Rights reviewed and approved by Executive C-Level Management Team.

Article I:

Companies agree to provide goods and services that will consistently exceed their customer’s expectations.

Article II:

Companies agree to provide their employees a workplace where employees are motivated, trained and skilled, customers are valued, and relationships are maximized.

Article III:

Companies agree to recognize and reward their employees who consistently exceed their customer’s expectations.

Article IV:

Companies agree to consistently measure the level of customer satisfaction with a company’s product and services.

Article V:

Companies agree to consistently report levels of customer satisfaction for products and services to executive management and the enterprise.

Article VI:

Companies agree to adopt change management strategy to consistently provide corrective action to poor performance in products and services.

Article VII:

Companies agree to consistently measure their performance versus industry standards and/or best in class company performers.

Article VIII:

Companies agree to consistently validate their customer satisfaction results via being recipients of industry awards-certifications and/or independent audit of their customer satisfaction results.

Article IX:

Companies agree to a chief customer advocate position, reporting to the President whose sole responsibility is the ombudsmen for customers, and who consistently reports the level of customer satisfaction on product and services and provides the corrective action plan to the executive management team.

Article X:

Companies agree to annual review of their customer experience management strategy (CX) which must include Article I thru Article IX.