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Meet CRMI's Partners

The customer experience community is robust, replete with vendors, consultants, associations, and analysts. CRMI's trusted partners are top providers of technology tools and advisory services. Learn more about them here.

Certified CEMPRO Playbook Strategy Consultants
Need some guidance on crafting the right CX strategy or improving your current processes? The Certified CEMPRO Playbook Strategy consultants know what it takes to provide outstanding CX, and can help your organization reach its CX goals.

CX Vendors
Looking for CX Tech? CRMI's partners offer the tools you need to support your customer experience strategy.

Become a CRMI Partner
If you’re considered a top-notch provider of CX tools or consulting, join our partner community and get in on the conversation with our members. Contact us to learn more about what it takes to become a CRMI partner: drivera@crmirewards.com; 1-978-710-3278.

Certified CEMPRO Playbook Strategy Consultants

Vivian Blade — A recognized talent management expert, helping companies build solid and sustainable bench strength in their leadership pipeline

John Hamilton — President of Service Strategies, which provides consulting, training, certification and standards programs that help companies deliver consistent, high-quality service and support

Colin Taylor — Leads The Taylor Reach Group, a call center and management consulting firm

Dennis Gershowitz — Principal of DG Associates. Dennis helps clients manage their service operations for maximum efficiency and effectiveness.

Duncan Heal — Managing Director and CEO of Marketii, a global market research company specializing in customer satisfaction and service quality surveys, as well as reporting, analytics, and consulting.

CX Vendor Partners

iCohere — iCohere's Unified Learning System supports courses, conferences, communities, and webinars through one system.

Marketii — The Marketii Service Suite is designed to help organizations improve customer engagement, service quality, and operational effectiveness. Marketii provides journey mapping, customer surveys, call calibration, mystery calling, and more.

Service Strategies — Service Strategies provides consulting, training, and certification to help organizations deliver consistent, high quality service and support.

The Taylor Reach Group — The Taylor Reach Group offers assessment, planning, and methodology services designed to optimize contact centers and related resources — including people, processes, and technology.