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Employee Rewards & Recognition Programs

Motivated, loyal, and high-performing employees are your best employees for many reasons. One important reason: They help build customer loyalty and retain those loyal customers.

These top performers are your biggest asset—one you don’t want to lose. An increase of only 5% in employee retention can yield profit increases of 25% or more. CRMI’s Customer Advocacy and Retention (CARE) Rewards program is designed for company that want to retain their employees, and motivate and reward them to perform at the highest level, by linking a portion of their compensation to measurable increases in customer satisfaction and loyalty.

CARE Rewards is a points-based program. It awards points to individuals and teams for service excellence. Employees can redeem those points for items such as merchandise, gift cards, and experiences.

Incentive programs for individuals reward employees within a specific group, such as customer service. CRMI conducts customer surveys that rate individuals’ performance, then uses the results to assign points to each employee on a monthly basis. Companies can use the annual tally of points for recognition programs such as Employee of the Year.

Incentive programs for groups reward an entire team for performing the same or comparable tasks. CRMI conducts customer surveys that determine overall customer satisfaction levels for each team. Points are assigned monthly, and are typically tallied annually for company-wide recognition programs.

CRMI administers all aspects of the program for its clients. This include devising an appropriate points structure based on specific tasks in such areas as customer service and support. It also includes selecting the rewards folios that make financial sense for the company and motivate the employees.

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There’s no better way to demonstrate your commitment to customers than receiving the NorthFace ScoreBoard Award℠ for customer service excellence. CRMI reviews customer satisfaction survey results from more than 500 companies each year to determine its qualification standards for the NGSB Award. It’s the only awards program based on the results of actual customer satisfaction surveys. See if you qualify by taking the NFSB Questionnaire.