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VFT-500 Frequently Asked Questions

Do I qualify as a service executive?
A service executive is a person who is employed in the implementation and management of customer service and support, the development of a service management strategy and the selection of service technologies.

How do I become a View From the Top (VFT-500) member?
To become a member, you must first fill out a nominee form. Completion of the form will only take a few minutes. Following your registration, you will be notified within two business days of your acceptance status.

Am I compensated for my participation?
Your reward is in the research data you ll receive every quarter! Each time you complete a research survey, you will receive a copy of the Executive Summary Report, which will present the data analysis and conclusion from the research.

What are my responsibilities as a member of the View From the Top Research Panel?
If you participate in our online research surveys, you will be responsible for thoughtfully completing the survey in a way that reflects your true and objective opinion.

How often will I participate in online research surveys?
Not more than four times a year.

How often will I receive feedback?
Research reports are published following each research survey.

How is my privacy protected?
The privacy and safekeeping of your personal information is our top priority. Your email address and other contact information will never be shared with any third-parties, nor will you be the subject of spam as a result of joining this program.

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