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View From the Top (VFT-500) Overview

Program Summary

The objective of the VFT Research Panel is to provide members with an opportunity to respond to questions and provide their opinions on service business-related topics that reveal valuable information, knowledge, trends and best practices in customer satisfaction and loyalty. The data will be analyzed and correlated to form the basis of confidential reports that will be shared only with VFT-500 members.

Research is conducted on key topics that will be of value to your organization. As a VFT-500 member, you'll be able to let us know what key research topics are a priority to you. Your input will be critical in helping us design the research topic surveys, which will be sent online to all VFT-500 members on a quarterly basis. We will then analyze the survey results and publish an executive summary report of our findings.

VFT-500 members will focus on vital areas of service business operations, such as:

  • Customer Experience Management (CEM) best practices and strategies that drive revenue and profits
  • Service operations, strategies and CRM technologies
  • Metrics and analytics
  • Employee compensation linked to customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Employee soft skills training in building a customer-centric culture

VFT-500 Program Chairman

At the helm of the VFT-500 Research Panel is our program chairman, Bob Hayes, who serves as Vice President, CEM Analytics for Anthony & Alexander Group, LLC. In addition, Bob is President of Business Over Broadway, specializing in research on a variety of topics including customer feedback program best practices, analytics, linkage models and customer loyalty measurement. He has implemented customer feedback programs and directed global customer feedback research projects for many enterprise companies. Bob is a recognized expert in customer feedback programs (e.g., VoC programs, customer loyalty programs) and customer satisfaction/loyalty measurement, and is the author of the books, Beyond the Ultimate Question and Measuring Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty. In his capacity as program chairman, he will manage the overall process, ensuring that the Advisory Board stays on course and continues to provide meaningful research data to VFT-500 members. Bob maintains a blog on pertinent, service-related topics and will use this space as a forum to communicate to VFT-500 members on a regular basis.

Advisory Board

The Advisory Board is comprised of twelve executive-level customer service professionals who provide guidance and direction for the Research Panel. The Advisory Board functions like a steering committee to direct and manage activities in order to provide quality data and reports to the VFT-500 Research Panel members.

Advisory Board Criteria:

  • Executive-level position in customer service operations, customer and field support and Customer Experience Management (CEM) strategies or equivalent area of responsibility
  • Company engages in for-profit business


VFT-500 members participate in quarterly surveys and receive the valuable research reports with results and feedback on what they and other industry executives are thinking. Members can use these reports to benchmark their company's performance. Members can establish a performance baseline to measure program improvements. Members can also evaluate performance levels and identify best-in-class standards.

Membership Criteria:

  • VP-level position in customer service operations, customer and field support and Customer Experience Management (CEM) strategies or equivalent area of responsibility
  • Company engages in for-profit business

Member Benefits:

  • Exclusive quarterly online market research by invitation
  • Quarterly VFT Research Report analysis via teleconference
  • Networking opportunities with other members
  • License to use research in marketing material
  • License to use VFT logo and tagline
  • SCORE Conference discount (50% off standard price)

Privacy Statement

Research information obtained online by VFT-500 members will be kept confidential. No information will ever be shared with a third party. All research results are kept confidential, only the aggregate data, trends and resulting summary report will be shared. All individual participant research data remains confidential.

How To Join

It's easy, just complete our nominee form! You will be notified on your approval by Diane Rivera, VFT-500 Program Coordinator. You may contact Diane directly at 1-978-710-3269 or drivera@crmirewards.com.