Exceeding Customer Expectations — One Experience at a Time℠
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Select five of the topics below and rate each one by importance
(1=lowest importance and 5=highest importance)

1) Customer Relationship Management (CRM) best practices and technology
2) Customer satisfaction methodology and loyalty management strategy
3) Field service operations, strategies and technologies
4) Linking employee compensation to customer satisfaction and loyalty
5) Evaluating enterprise-wide communications involving customer satisfaction
6) Increasing customer satisfaction through improved enterprise-wide communications
7) Delivering excellence in customer service and support
8) Developing customer -centric employees
9) Measuring effectiveness of human resources on employee satisfaction
10) Customer satisfaction as a strategic business initiative
11) Implementing change in your organization to improve customer relationships
12) Evaluating business process improvements that affect customer satisfaction and loyalty
13) CRM software selection and implementation
14) Meaningful measurements of customer satisfaction and loyalty
15) Measuring your organization s innovation environment: a customer satisfaction opportunity
16) Benchmark data that will increase customer satisfaction and loyalty
17) Establishing metrics that affect the bottom line through improved customer satisfaction and loyalty
18) Establishing baseline data to measure change in customer satisfaction and loyalty
19) Effect on customer satisfaction and loyalty of the engineering change order (ECO) process
20) Effect on customer satisfaction of new product design and development processes
21) Effect on customer satisfaction and loyalty of new product release processes