CXDNA Ultimate Ecosystem℠

Triple Crown

CXDNA Ultimate Ecosystem℠


NorthFace ScoreBoard Award℠ Triple Crown Defining Metrics for Creating World Class Excellence in:

  • Customer Service
  • Employee Soft-Skills CEMPRO Certification
  • Voice of Employee Centric Organization Certification

CX Strategies that Include Independent 3rd Party Customer Service and Employee Certifications Awards Delivers a Clear Competitive Edge for their Brand (above NFSB Triple Crown). The business world has come to understand that customers – not products and services – are the source of all revenue and profits. This means that companies cannot afford to turn a blind eye to either customer experiences (CX) – employee experiences (EX) and just rely on product features and benefits, which had been the standard before the NFSB Awards helped in the transition to CXDNA culture. In truth, while there are clear differences in product performance among direct competitors, no vendor has a distinct advantage for a long period of time, and consistent problems with product installation, usage and service/support will quickly prompt a customer to choose another supplier. In other words, customer loyalty must be earned – not just assumed by product performance and technology vision. The NFSB Triple Crown Award focus the brand on delivering consistently superior customer service experiences (CX) and superior employee experiences (EX) as key components to a CXDNA culture.


The NFSB Service Award was innovative in establishing SBI as the universal survey measurement standard (ScoreBoard Index – 1992) that used a five-point weighted average scale to measure both customer/employee satisfaction - customer/employee loyalty – customer effort score (CES). In addition, surveys included key action alert questions that captured critical problem situations and identified new revenue opportunities. After years of research, survey respondents have chosen the intuitive five (5) point scale as the simplest and most precise measurement scale. The research shows that the human mind quickly absorbs the lowest (1) and highest ratings (5) first, then the middle (3) as average, lastly below (2) and above (4) is used to further refine the average (3) survey response rating.


Customer/Employee Satisfaction:
Please rate your overall satisfaction with our customer service organization?

  1. Failed all expectations
  2. Performed below expectations
  3. Met expectations
  4. Performed above expectations
  5. Exceeded all expectations

Customer Effort Score: Please rate your overall satisfaction with our customer service business practices (Time to reach/respond – accuracy of response)?

  1. Failed all expectations
  2. Performed below expectations
  3. Met expectations
  4. Performed above expectations
  5. Exceeded all expectations

Customer/Employee Loyalty: Please rate your willingness to recommend our customer service organization?

  1. Definitely would not recommend
  2. Highly unlikely to recommend
  3. Maybe recommend
  4. Highly likely to recommend
  5. Definitely would recommend

The weighted average formula, referred as the ScoreBoard Index (SBI), provided a much more accurate measurement of customer/employee sentiment (clear customer/employee intelligence) than the traditional percent satisfied /loyal metrics. For the first time, the service executive could clearly see customer/employee metrics that directed priorities for critical corrective action and which overtime could be re-measured to see the impact of the corrective action taken. The five-point scale weighted average calculation resulted in any ratings below 4.0 as simply not good enough to retain/grow customers- employees, rather, over time would lead to customers employees defections. The best example between SBI and percentage satisfaction rating was surveys that had all responses as 3 = 100% satisfied/ but SBI = 3.0; clearly showing satisfaction rating that is not acceptable. The NFSB Service Award five-point criteria was extended to include other rating scales (such as 3-4-6-7-8-9-10-11 point/Net Promoter Score NPS) that would be converted to five point rating.


The NFSB CEMPRO Award (Customer Experience Management PROfessional) award recognized organizations who provide certified employee soft-skills training. The training raised employee awareness – competence – operational practices to deliver continuous superior customer experiences (CX). The award criteria require a minimum test score (80%) and minimum group participation (90%) per calendar year to become a recipient. Additionally, companies may include an annual (January) employee 360 alignment survey that compares employee predictions of customer satisfaction ratings versus actual customer satisfaction ratings, measured throughout the remaining year.


The NFSB Voice of Employee Award recognizes organizations who provide an employee centric work environment that produces employees eager to deliver continuous superior customer experiences (CX). The calendar year award criteria require a minimum 4.0 employee rating (or an equivalent rating scale) to become a recipient.


The industry now has exploded with many other awards (J.D. Powers – Malcolm Baldrige Quality – Awards International – Contact Center World – The Drum – Customer Relationship Management Magazine, etc.) certifications (Service Strategies Corp – Prosci – CXPA – Lean Six Sigma – etc.) and branding strategies (North Star – Hub Spot – Kellogg School of Management – etc.) all targeted to drive improvement with the customer experience (CX) and employee experience (EX) resulting in long-term profitability.


The NorthFace ScoreBoard (NFSB) Triple Crown Award creates an CXDNA ultimate ecosystem, a structure necessary to objectively measure and validate the quality of the customer experiences (CX) and employee experiences (EX) in all interactions with a customer.


The NFSB Triple Crown utilizes our standard 5-point rating scale resulting in a universal metric for measuring customer experiences versus employee perceived experiences and then analyze the delta differences to improve your organizations overall performance. A customer overall satisfaction rating of 3.0 with an employee perception rating 5.0 – suggests need to improve employee performance to improve the customer rating.


In 1984, IBM’s annual report was dedicated to the “Year of the Customer,” the first recognition that superior customer service/support (CX) is the company’s true competitive differentiator. Over the years, IBM would be joined by many other service thought leaders: Lexus, Ritz-Carlton, Walt Disney, L.L. Bean, Nordstrom, et. al. who made the transition making customer service/support their strongest and most critical competitive advantage. This vision was counter to George Orwell’s dystopian novel “1984” that imagined a society where individualism and independent thinking were regarded as "thoughtcrimes" instead of “thought leadership.”


This turnaround towards service thought leadership would continue with the impact of an award that was the first (2000) to recognize organizations that consistently exceeded customer expectations for service/support – and that CX must be the most critical component of a company’s DNA, (CXDNA). That award –NorthFace ScoreBoard Service AwardSM — marks its 20th anniversary in 2020 (NFSB Recipients Press Release). This pioneer award has now added two (2) additional key CX/EX awards for employee soft-skills training (NFSB CEMPRO) and employee centric organizations (NFSB Voice of Employee) to drive the company’s brand in delivering consistently superior customer experiences.


Bill Moore states, “NFSB Triple Crown Award recipients are quick to leverage their success story with their website - social media – customer testimonials – press release – case studies – use of NFSB Award logo in all print/electronic media communications.”


Nicholas Zeisler states, “NFSB Triple Crown criteria compliments Lean Six Sigma change management process and validates the use of Big Data Analytics that identify key customer/employee issues that drive superior customer/employee experiences.”


John Maraganis states, “NFSB Triple Crown criteria creates the CXDNA Ultimate Ecosystem, that results in continuous superior customer experiences.”


All three (3) agree that these customer experiences (CX)and employee experiences (EX) awards/certification must be annually measured by surveying customers and analyzing the number of new account acquisitions and dollar amount (#/$) – upgrades (#/$) – retained (#/$) and number of lost customers that have been won back (#/$) to determine the true ROI on your CX/EX strategies.



Twenty years is not a very long time in the business world. But since the introduction of the innovative NFSB Service Award in 2000, the very substance of a successful business model has changed. Rather than being product/technology driven, today’s successful companies have embraced the wisdom and logic of putting customers at the center of everything they do. Having a proven, verifiable reputation and culture for providing excellence in CX/EX is key to customer acquisition, retention, growth and win-back for any company.


Moreover, as companies move increasingly to online/virtual business models, achieving and sustaining optimal levels of customer/employee satisfaction and loyalty have become even more critical factors of success. Physical and voice contact with a company’s customers and other key external stakeholders has largely been replaced by AI electronic and other web-based interactions. This means that, increasingly, while companies conduct heavy email and web marketing programs to attract new accounts, potential customers often find you before you identify them.


This trend has made it even more important to measure and understand the true “voice of the customer.” Since the NFSB Service Award criteria is unique in both measurement metrics (SBI rating or equivalent rating system) and that only customer survey responses are used to determine the level of CX excellence a company provides. That is why recipients are so proud to earn the award and take full advantage of the service, sales and marketing opportunities they have to deliver a clear competitive advantage to the marketplace.


Now, the NFSB Triple Crown Award criteria is the CXDNA Ultimate EcosystemSM for creating a customer/employee centric culture that delivers continuous superior customer experiences.

word-image Bill Moore
VP CXDNA Employee Engagement
Customer Relationship Management Institute LLC

Bill’s duties include the designing and delivering of Customer Experience Management Best Practices consulting, workshops, Employee Engagement Training and Employee Rewards programs that results in client’s increasing customer satisfaction, employee retention and profitability.

a-person-smiling-for-the-picture-description-auto Nicholas Zeisler
Fractional Chief Customer Officer and CX Strategist
Zeisler Consulting

Nicholas has been running his own consulting company, Zeisler Consulting, for the last 15 years, and has been in leadership for more than 20 years altogether. He started as a Lean Six Sigma process engineer and was recruited to become a CX Director because the VP who hired him wanted to use these process improvement skills for (what to him seemed) a revolutionary purpose: To improve Customers’ Experience, not simply reduce resource use.

a-person-in-a-suit-smiling-description-automatica John Maraganis
Customer Relationship Management Institute LLC

John has been a CX pioneer that began in 1980 as a principle in a company that launched first off the shelf CRM software product (fieldwatch) to improve service operations. Later, became a pioneer in CX/EX strategies with the founding of two (2) firms that focused on customer/employee survey collections and employee CX certification training. The culmination of these experiences resulted in the development of the proprietary CXDNA Playbook Strategy for delivering consistent superior customer/employee experience’s resulting in the CXDNA Ultimate Ecosystem.

To learn more about the NorthFace ScoreBoard Triple Crown Award, the CXDNA Playbook Strategy and other programs mentioned here, contact Diane Rivera, CRMI’s director of corporate membership and sponsorship services. She can be reached at (978) 710-3269 or via Also please visit CRMI’s website: