Exceeding Customer Expectations — One Experience at a Time℠
Customer Touchpoints

There are more "customer touchpoints" than you may realize, and new ones can develop over time consider the emergence of social media like Twitter and Facebook, which adds another touch point.

What is a "customer experience" and how can you "manage" it? First, think of all the individuals and groups in your organization that have regular contact with the outside world, particularly those from whom you want to gain revenue. You will start with customer service and support, but you will soon add the call center, sales and marketing, and professional services.

But don't stop there! How about your finance department, which handles invoicing and receivables? Don't forget product marketing and engineering either, since they also deal regularly with the outside world. Human Resources? Of course, they're your lifeline to employees and potential new hires. Even the shipping department, switchboard and administrative staff should be focused on exceeding the expectations of everyone with whom they interact.

It is one thing to know "what" a customer experience is in terms of touchpoints. But actually "managing the customer experience" means understanding how customers feel emotionally about interactions at each touch point. The CEMDNA Playbook Strategy is designed to help you know how customers feel about their interactions at every touch point so you can determine in advance exactly what should happen in each interaction, so you actually achieve the objective of consistently exceeding customer expectations. This approach leaves nothing to chance, so you can deliver the experience you envision and customers expect.