Customers of Service Strategies Corp can qualify to receive the NorthFace ScoreBoard Award? (NFSB) for customer service excellence and customers of CRMI can qualify to receive Service Capability & Performance (SCP) certification for meeting service performance standards.

Boston; San Diego; October 1, 2019 - The customers of Customer Relationship Management Institute LLC (CRMI) (, specialists in implementing Customer Experience Management (CEM) strategies; and customers of Service Strategies Corp (SSC) (, a leading provider of service improvement programs, now have the opportunity to earn both CRMI’s NFSB Award and SSC’s Service Capability & Performance (SCP) standard certification. This unique strategic partnership combines two leading pioneers (35 + years) in the customer service industry that specialize in helping service organizations worldwide deliver world-class service.

SSC’s customers who meet the criteria for measuring customer service / loyalty will be eligible to receive CRMI’s prestigious NFSB Award, which has been presented annually since 2000 to top performing service organizations. Recipients have included companies such as Avaya Inc., Acist, Alpha Wasserman, Alfresco Software Inc., Analog Corp., Boston Scientific, Bruker BioSpin, Citrix, Cohesity Inc., Corning Optical, CA Technologies, Deltek, Diagnostic Stago, ERT, EMC, Flir Systems, Hologic Inc., Haemonetics, Hewlett - Packard, Illumina, IBM Companies, KVH, Kronos, Masimo, Mouser Electronics, Micro Focus, Nutanix Inc, NetScout, Oracle, Pitney Bowes, Rubrik, Sony, Veritas Technologies, Wolters - Kluwer, Yaskawa America Inc.,  Zeus Industries, Zoll Medical and many others.

The NFSB award program has become the service industry’s recognized benchmark because it is the first award for customer service excellence voted exclusively by the recipient’s own customers. The NFSB proprietary methodology measures customer satisfaction / loyalty levels on a 5-point scale (or equivalent) throughout the calendar year in such categories as technical support, field service, customer service, professional services, self service, account management and other areas. Those organizations that utilize NPS rating are also eligible and have been recipients of the NFSB Award.

Under this strategic partnership, SSC is making available to CRMI’s customers, their Service Operations HealthCheck Snapshot program. The program provides a snapshot review of an organization’s performance with recommendations for areas of improvement. The world’s leading service providers, including industry leaders such as Advent Software Inc., Epicor Software Corp. and many others have certified their operations against SSC Service Capability & Performance (SCP) Standards ( The HealthCheck Snapshot program provides a snapshot view of how companies may compare against these standards.

CRMI is making available to SSC’s customers their NFSB Quiz which provides a prelimary CX review to determine if an organization qualifies for the NFSB Award.

“Today’s service executives face three key objectives: the need to develop strategic goals, improve operational efficiencies and drive world class levels of performance, said John Hamilton, president of Service Strategies Corp. CRMI’s CXDNA Playbook Strategy supports and drives these three objectives. The NFSB Award provides service executives independent 3rd party review of the success of their company’s CX strategy, which is critical in achieving their key objectives.

“The NorthFace ScoreBoard Award recognizes organizations (since 2000) that makes continuously exceeding customers’ expectations the most critical component of their company’s DNA,” said John Alexander Maraganis, president & CEO of CRMI. Service Strategies Corp shares this vision, and their SCP standards are an integral component of any world-class CX strategy.”

Additionally, customers from both organizations may receive the industry’s unique co-branded NFSB Award (CRMI for superior customer service and SSC for superior support operations) with use of the award – logo – taglines and marketing rights in all print and electronic media.


About Customer Relationship Management Institute LLC (CRMI)

Since, 2000, CRMI has been a recognized expert in developing and implementing customer and employee engagement management strategies (CEM) programs that drive product / service revenue and profits. Services include CXDNA Playbook Strategy Audits, CEMPRO Award, NFSB Award, softskills on-line training, customer -  employee surveys, employee engagement strategies employee recognition / reward programs, benchmark research, CX Analytics, key account retention strategies, win-back analysis, and marketing CX results to stakeholders. In addition, thousands of CX professionals have received certified training in CXDNA Playbook Strategy thru CEMPRO-Advocate and CEMPRO-CFG training. Visit or email


About Service Strategies Corp

Service Strategies Corp advances service excellence by helping companies deliver the highest quality service and support to their clients. The world’s leading service providers have adopted Service Capability & Performance (SCP) Standards as their roadmap to service excellence and benchmark measure of success. In addition, thousands of service professionals around the world have enhanced their skills through participation in the company’s training and certification courses, while its strategic advisory and consulting services are helping service organizations optimize business operations and achieve substantial performance gains. For more information about SSC success, or email (mail: .