Exceeding Customer Expectations — One Experience at a Time℠
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Many customer-centric organizations fail to exploit the value of marketing themselves as a customer-centric business. They work hard to ensure that they deliver a top-notch customer experience and proactively build customer loyalty—and then neglect to communicate tell customers and other stakeholder about their efforts.

Fortunately, CRMI has materials that can help spread the word about your customer-centric approaches. We offer several comprehensive pieces of marketing collateral as part of our VOC Services that you can use to communicate your commitment to customer satisfaction and loyalty—and differentiate your company from the competition. These marketing pieces include case studies, our Customer Satisfaction Annual Report, and our Customer Satisfaction Report Card.

Case Studies provide a detailed account of your commitment to exceeding customer expectations and how that has led to improvements in customer satisfaction and loyalty and increases in revenue.

Sample Case Studies Click on any image below to view the PDF

The Customer Satisfaction Annual Report demonstrates the benefits your company has achieved through its customer experience management strategy. The Customer Satisfaction Annual Report is like a company’s annual report on its finances and operations, but instead focuses on customer satisfaction data. The Customer Satisfaction Annual Report incorporated customer survey data collected over the course of the year from your customer satisfaction program. The report helps to validate your success in delivering a world-class customer experience, and demonstrates your commitment to exceeding customer expectations.

Sample Customer Satisfaction Annual Reports Click on any image below to view the PDF

A Customer Satisfaction Report Card showcases the results of a third-party audit by CRMI of your customer satisfaction data. It’s a powerful tool to share with clients and prospects to highlight your focus on customer satisfaction.

Sample Customer Satisfaction Report Card Click on the image below to view the PDF