It is the Age of CX. Delivering a consistently superior customer experience (CX) has become table stakes. CRMI has championed that concept since its founding in 1999, and now – as CX becomes a strategic imperative for more and more companies – is taking its mission to a new level.

The New CRMI is a membership-based resource that is intended to be your one-stop shop for “Everything CX.” Whether you are new to CX strategy and implementation or a veteran practitioner, as a CRMI Member you will join thousands of like-minded professionals who are eager to learn the latest advances in CX strategy and enabling technologies – and share their experiences in guiding their organizations to the pinnacle of CX success.

Vendors with technology and solutions that fuel the CX marketplace are an important part of the CX ecosystem. Those vendors who are CRMI partners recognize that members are a qualified, highly knowledgeable audience that is constantly seeking the latest innovations to help bring CX perfection to their contact centers, tech support groups, help desks, field service organizations, and other customer-facing operations. So, with our new CX Lab, CRMI Members can test drive these vendors’ solutions and contact them directly for more information.

CX and training consultants and other service providers complete the ecosystem; there’s a directory with information on many of these experts on the New CRMI. Our consulting partners are well versed in the tenets of CX and CRMI’s CEMDNA Playbook Strategy. Consequently, they’ll be able to provide assistance with your specific CX needs.

So, welcome to the New CRMI. Please explore all of the information available on our website – from content and conferences to webcasts and workshops to training and certification, and more. Also be sure to bookmark our homepage and visit often because we’ll be posting new content and events frequently.

We’re all about “Everything CX” and look forward to exploring this exciting ever-evolving domain together.